**UPDATE 3/20/20

“Dear Friends,

We wanted to send you a brief update to our previous statement we released earlier this week.  

First things first, we are still fully operational to sell you all cigars, tobacco, and accessories. OPEN NORMAL HOURS. Pick up a few extra cigars in case this changes. 

However, based upon the new recommendations of the state and county health departments, we have made the decision to close access to our lounge seating areas and patios effective the moment we open for business TODAY Friday, 3/20/20. 

Currently we will only operate as grab and go and we still ask that you allow a store associate to pick up the cigars for you as your own personal cigar concierge during this time.   

If you have any qualms about entering the store, we will still ship cigars to you with purchases over $100 receiving free shipping.   We also will gladly provide curbside service to you if necessary.  For this service, please call the store to place your order with credit card information and once the sale has been processed, we will package your cigars sanitarily and securely.  

When you arrive at the store, please call us when you’re waiting at the curb in front of the store and we will walk the cigars out to you as soon as possible.   Believe me when I say that these recent events are only strengthening our resolve as a business and raising the level of our services we offer you.   We count on you and we can assure you that you can count on us as long as possible.

You’ve all been so very patient, understanding and overwhelmingly supportive of our business during this trying time and we cannot thank you enough for lifting up small business during an extremely difficult and unprecedented event.   We hope this update finds you well and we very much look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible

God bless you all and take care of one another!”

**UPDATE 3/17/20

Per the CDC we will suspend all planned events for the near future. Our stores remain open.

Including Trivia night, Vinyl night and Perdomo this Saturday at the Mtn Brook location. Perdomo Month deals continue. **

We are living in strange times and thus, wanted to give you an update on how we as a business are taking measures to continue to provide the highest level of customer service during the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Several months ago, our staff began implementing more extensive cleaning measures to ensure you continue to have a clean and comfortable environment in which you can enjoy the premium cigars you purchase from us.  

This week, we have added additional standards to ensure the highest possible level of safety from the spread of disease and prevent it from affecting our ability to be available for you as an oasis during this time.   

  • We have been ahead of the curve in securing the proper amount of cleaning supplies during the shortage on store shelves and have plenty of disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and yes- toilet paper- available to be as sanitary as possible.  We will be thoroughly sanitizing with effective disinfectant throughout the day as well as a deep cleaning at the close of each business day. 
  • We are trying to prevent exposure and cross-contamination, we ask that you please allow our staff to directly handle the cigars inside the humidor that you would like to select.   Since this is a product that we normally allow to be handled directly by everyone and it ultimately ends up being purchased by someone and being placed in their mouth to smoke, please feel free to roam the humidor but allow a staff member to sanitize their hands and directly handle the cigars for you.   Think of us as your “personal cigar concierge” during this time as we want to always go above and beyond to give you the first-class treatment you deserve.


  • We have also postponed our upcoming crawfish boil that was to take place this Saturday at our Vitola Mountain Brook location as a large gathering of people primarily handling food with their bare hands would be irresponsible to host until we know it is completely safe to do so. 


We understand that there are many inconveniences in our lives recently, but we hope you understand that we are doing all of these things to not only provide a greater level of customer service as the leader in premium cigars in our region, but also to keep you healthy, comfortable, and safe during what we hope to be a temporary set-back.  

Thank you all so much for your continued support of our business, take care of yourselves, and we hope to see you in our clean and fully-operational stores throughout the weeks ahead!